A public health poster you can print out and hang in your workplace:

I’m familiar with John Cage’s 4’33”, but I’ve never heard it.

Also, the question is why are so many businesses closing at the mere thought of coronovirus?

Because lawyers. Couple on Grand Princess cruise sues for over $1 million:

A Florida couple on board the coronavirus-stricken Grand Princess cruise ship that has begun to disembark passengers off the California coast is suing the ship’s operator for more than $1 million — claiming the company lacked proper screening protocols to protect them from the deadly bug.

Meanwhile, a pair pilloried in St. Louis for breaking quarantine to, you know, live their lives, have also lawyered up for the eventual lawsuits against them:

Family members of the 20-year-old Ladue woman who tested positive for coronavirus were not told to quarantine themselves, according to their attorney.

In a timeline of events, attorney Neil Bruntrager outlined several calls and texts between the woman’s mother and the St. Louis County health department from Thursday, when the woman first experienced symptoms, to Saturday, when county officials announced the positive test results at a news conference.

Good to know some sectors of the economy will do just fine.

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