I Will Miss Some Of The Bubble 2.0 Companies When They’re Gone

My beautiful wife and I took a date weekend to St. Charles this weekend that was originally scheduled as a polite fiction to visit my aunt but ended up being superseded by her memorial service. When a friend from my martial arts school was scheduled for his first professional BJJ match in St. Peters (the next suburb over from St. Charles), I asked my beautiful wife to schedule a trip back to St. Charles for us.

We stayed at the same AirBNB where my family and I stayed on the nigh of my aunt’s memorial service, which allowed me to pick up the suit that I had inadvertently left behind. We also took advantage of Lyft to get too and from an Italian restaurant so that we could share a bottle of wine during the meal, and I said to her, as we awaited our car, that I was going to miss services like Lyft when they failed, and I likened some of the new companies/services to the dot-com era Web sites that were going to change anything.

A headline today underlined what I said to my wife: Uber CEO says ‘era of growth at all costs is over’ after losing $8.5 billion last year.

It’s a good thing I got my suit back now, as even AirBNB is losing money ahead of a planned IPO.

I have to wonder what will happen if AirBNB goes belly up, and a lot of its “hosts” suddenly find themselves overextended in property that they no longer can make payments on.

You know what would be great? The burst of the dot-com bubble and the mortgage meltdown all at once!

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