Clearly, My Children Cannot Trust Anything I Tell Them

When we have gone to Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri’s theme park, I have told my boys that it is named after the Yocum silver dollar.

However, this story about Marvel cave in the Springfield News-Leader tells it differently:

Silver Dollar City opened in 1960 and was named such for a promotional idea.

“While little was spent on advertising, publicist Don Richardson’s idea of giving silver dollars as change to park visitors led to tremendous word-of-mouth exposure,” according to Silver Dollar City. “When vacationers returning home would pay for their gas and other purchases with silver dollars, people would ask where they got the coins, and the vacationers would describe the park and their Silver Dollar City adventure.”

Wikipedia agrees.

However, I still prefer to think that Don Richardson had the Yocum silver dollar in mind when he came up with the promotion and that that bit of knowledge has been lost.