Twenty-Some Years Later, The Truth Is Revealed

So Mr. Hill posts a story about Fiona Apple, and I’m about to leave a comment that I can hear the first song from her album because my office mate at the time played it all the time.

But I wasn’t sure which album it was: Tidal or When the Pawn…. So I did some research, namely, hitting Wikipedia to see which album it’s on.

I remember that I learned the song is called “Not an Addict”, which was a bit of a downer; I thought she was singing “I’m automatic,” not “I’m not an addict.”

But what I have learned today is that the she who was singing was not Fiona Apple but Gert Bettens of K’s Choice.

It’s entirely possible that we discussed that she sounded a little like Fiona Apple but was not, in fact, Fiona Apple. But that would have been twenty-some years ago, and I cannot be expected to remember that conversation.

I’m not even sure I’m going to remember that this is a K’s Choice song instead of a Fiona Apple song. Or, if my tricky memory is feeling clever, perhaps I will think it’s a song by Vitamin K, confusing it with Vitamin C‘s song “Graduation (Friends Forever)” from the same era.

Truly, I have a dizzying intellect.

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2 thoughts on “Twenty-Some Years Later, The Truth Is Revealed

  1. I don’t think Gert sounds like Fiona Apple at all. Sally Anthony covered it in 2007 which is where I first became aware of it.

  2. I draw some strange parallels when I say, “…sounds like….”

    Just the other day, my beautiful wife informed me that Anastacia does not sound like Taylor Dayne. But she does to me.

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