Good Book and Album Hunting, October 20, 2018: The Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library Book Sale

On Tuesday, I helped set up for this sale, which meant I unboxed the books for the Art tables and sorted the Animal books by animal type. Little did I know that those who volunteer on Tuesday get to shop immediately when the book sale is set up. So I didn’t have my checkbook, but I wanted to wait until half-price day anyway. So we did make our way up there yesterday, and we spent less than a hundred dollars, but only because it was half-price day.

As you can see, I picked up mostly records. 36 of them:

  • The Harp Wizardry of Emilia Moscitona Emilia Moscvitona
  • Michelle Bud Shank
  • Show Time Doris Day
  • Baja Marimba Band Rides Again Baja Marimba Band
  • Rampal Greatest Hits Jean-Pierre Rampal
  • Winners! Steve Lawrence
  • After Dark Shoji
  • Continental Affair The Three Suns
  • Twilight Memories The Three Suns
  • September in the Rain Dinah Washington
  • SRO Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
  • Frankie Carle and his Beautiful Dolls Frankie Carle
  • Top of the Mark Frankie Carle
  • A Carle-Load of Hits Frankie Carle
  • Golden Favorites Pete Fountain
  • Breezin’ George Benson
  • It’s Impossible Perry Como
  • Greatest Hits Doris Day
  • Double Vision Bob James/David Sanborn
  • May You Always The McGuire Sisters
  • Here Where There Is Love Dionne Warwick
  • Dream Along With Me Perry Como
  • The Many Faces of Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • Unmistakably Lou Lou Rawls
  • What’s New Linda Ronstadt and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra
  • Houston Dean Martin
  • Christmas Album Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
  • I Believe Perry Como
  • Breakin’ Away Al Jarreau
  • Touch the Sky Smokey Robinson
  • Greatest Hits Volume Two Linda Ronstadt
  • The Mancini Generation Henry Mancini
  • Hot House Flowers Wynton Marsalis
  • Changes John Williams
  • The Freshman Year The Four Freshmen
  • In My Style Jane Morgan

I did buy a couple I already owned because they have better covers; I also bought a couple that I think I might have, but wasn’t sure, so I bought them just in case. I did buy some new to me artists, though, such as Frankie Carle and The Three Suns, so I might have discovered something I really like. What I have re-discovered, or soon will, is that I need to build some record shelving, stat.

I got a couple of Great Courses/The Teaching Company/Modern Scholar courses because this FOL sale priced them down. Instead $30 / $15 on half-price day, these courses were marked like $5 / $2.50, so I bought a couple even though I bought a bunch of them last weekend.

The three I got this weekend include:

  • Philosophy as a Guide to Living
  • Moral Descision Making
  • The World of George Orwell

Please note I did not buy every course I saw, just most of them. This is called “restraint.”

As for books, I got:

  • More Book Lust (signed by the author)
  • Poems by Gerald Manley Hopkins
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog by Dylan Thomas
  • Thirteen Stories by Eudora Welty (so hopefully I will learn the difference between her and Willa Cather)
  • Ozark Mountain Humor by W.K. McNeil
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder, a biography.
  • The Shepherd of the Hills; I have a very old printing of this Harold Bell Wright classic (especially near Branson), but they’re not reading copies, and I have not read this book since I was a kid. Wait, I probably already have a copy; I know I have a copy of The Clinch Hollow Story, which was written by the long-running actor who portrayed the Shepherd in the play of the same name.
  • The Essays of E.B.White
  • The Tao of Peace which I bought because it has “tao” in the title, but no Elvis
  • The Riverside Shakespeare which looks to be a slightly larger font/print than the edition that’s been idle on my side table since early this year
  • Art books that cover the works of artists Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargeant, and Anders Zorn
  • Croutons on a Cow Pie, poems by Baxter Black. I have a couple of his novels around here, but I am pretty sure I’ll get through this thin collection first.

So there we go: With the dangerous book sale season behind us, I’ve not bought more books than I can read in a year. But I should probably jump on them quickly just the same. I am most eager to delve into the art books first as I kinda watch football games, so you can probably expect to see some twee commentary on Cassatt this week.

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