We Misdeliver For You

It happens from time to time: The rural mail carrier puts an item from the next stop down the line in our box. Sometimes we get something from the next farm road over that somehow got caught in a machine or stuck to one of our pieces of mail in processing.

But never like this.

Lockwood, Missouri, is fifty miles from here.

Clearly, that got misfiled quite a bit upstream from our local post office.


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1 thought on “We Misdeliver For You

  1. Probably not, actually. It’s quite likely that everything in all the counties surrounding you is sorted into final delivery order at the same sorting facility. Smaller post offices don’t do any sort of sorting at all anymore. All the mail they take in goes in a bundle to the sorting facility and they get back trays sorted into delivery order.

    I spent 8 years writing software to run mail sorting machines. You’d be amazed how much better mail delivery could be if it weren’t a government monopoly by law.

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