Good Book Hunting, July 24, 2016: Lutherans for Life Rummage Sale

On Friday, I went to the Lutherans for Life rummage sale at Trinity Lutheran Church. This year, it had a few more books and fewer record albums, but I managed to scrounge some books and CDs for a sawbuck.

Amongst the music, I got:

  • Sade’s live album Lovers Live. I don’t normally do live albums, but it is Sade we’re talking about.
  • Two albums by Static-X, Shadow Zone and Beneath…Between…Beyond…. I’d never heard of the band, so I hope I like them.
  • Two discs by Katharine McPhee, Katharine McPhee and the single Somewhere Over the Rainbow/My Destiny. Based on the title of the latter, I thought she was a standards/jazz act, but apparently she’s a poppy former American Idol participant. So those of you who had Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood in the pool First American Idol Act Brian Owns, I’m afraid you’ve lost.
  • Taylor Dayne’s Soul Dancing. I can’t believe I didn’t already own this; I bought the CD just to make sure.
  • Pamyua, a band making music out of traditional Inuit music.

I got some books, including:

  • One of David Letterman’s Top Ten List collections.
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
  • Avalanche, a love story(?) set in World War II.
  • The Essential Luther, a collection of Martin Luther’s lectures. A short collection.
  • Mission to the Cherokees, a history of a mission serving the Cherokee nation.
  • Several picture books, including New York: City of Many Dreams by Bill Harris (different, I hope, than New York At Night), Colourful England, Holland in Pictures, and something about Chichen Itza.

Additionally, I picked up two films: Douglas Fairbanks in The Man in the Iron Mask, a silent film, and Black Dog, a film starring Patrick Swayze, Meat Loaf, and Randy Travis and depicting a semi on the cover. Of course, I had to watch that one immediately, and it is everything you could want from a film with Patrick Swayze, Meat Loaf, Randy Travis, and big rigs.

So I’ve gotten some light football season reading/viewing and a very short bit of Luther which I’ll probably pick up when I put down this short bit of Kierkegaard I’m gutting through. Not bad for something less than $20 that I paid $20 for.

I went back on Saturday to pick up a collection of radio programs I’d bypassed but decided to get since my son has declared himself a collector of Green Hornet comics. I ended up buying a bunch of craft project material, the aforementioned collection of radio programs, and a single book, Hemingway’s Spain which is also a picture book but has a Hemingway tie-in, so it’s like a heady picture book.

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