Brian J.’s Amazon Prime Prediction Begins To Bear Fruit

Can one’s predictions bear fruit, or does one need to mix it with a different metaphor?

Anyway, I said:

Here’s a bold prediction you’ll find everywhere else: Amazon Prime will evolve out of its actual benefit of offering free shipping on Amazon purchases to merely streaming content and giving its members exclusive access to a box that you can see filling up as you add items to your shopping cart.

Less than a year later, we find:

Depending on where you live, you may no longer be able to receive certain items with free two-day shipping from Amazon — even if you’re a Prime member.

Amazon is testing a new program called Ship by Region, which will allow merchants to choose how far their items will ship with Amazon Prime, the company’s option for free two-day shipping. For example, a big screen TV warehoused in California might be available for Prime shipping in the Southwest but not in the Northeast.

Step 1: Complete.

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