20 Years Later, I Suppose It Makes Sense To Be Confused

So I heard “One of Us” on the radio, the 1995 hit from Joan Osborne, and I immediately had a mental image of a nose ring linked to an earring and hair that was spiked tall on top and long braids down.

Does that look like Joan Osborne to you? Take a look.

Then I remembered, no, you old fool, you’re thinking of Jane Child who looks like that.

You can see why I would be confused briefly:

  • I’m an old man.
  • Joan/Jane
  • One major hit each.
  • Nose rings.

And to be honest, I don’t really like either of the songs. But I didn’t change the station when it came on. “Don’t Want To Fall In Love”, on the other hand, isn’t getting a lot of radio play 23 years later. “One of Us” isn’t, either, except for the silly “We’re playing our complete playlist in alphabetical order!” thing that one of the radio stations is currently running.