How You Can Decide Whether Your School District Needs A Tax Increase Of Any Sort

Wi-Fi on the school buses?

Vote no every time the district comes to the voters, hat in hand, because it doesn’t have enough money for teachers or whatever vital educational need they’ll have for the next twenty years.

Because, brother, wi-fi on the school buses ain’t a vital educational need, and maintaining that technological expenditure is going to be on every annual budget from here on out, but it will be buried or hidden in the technology budget.

And next year, or maybe next ballot, funds for vital things will be dangerously low due to the recession/growing enrollment/lower property values (pick two, three, or four).

But funds will not be dangerously low because the school district buys shiny new cool things instead of focusing on educating children and marshaling its resources toward that goal now and in the future.

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