House Rules at Nogglestead

So I was having a conversation about sports with my six-year-old and my four-year-old, and the conversation wandered to the sport of Buzkashi, as sports conversations with children or, more likely, sports conversations with me tend to do, and the lads took the concept and ran with it.

As such, the game play at Nogglestead is a little more savage, because it involves lasers and goats which are merely stunned and will regain consciousness sometime during the game.

So bring your A-game if you’re going to play at Nogglestead.

Also, I want the boys to get a taste of what happens when you bring to your peer group some tidbit of knowledge so ludicrous that they don’t believe you. Because I’m going to fill their heads with them as the boys grow up, and they’d better get used to it.

2 thoughts on “House Rules at Nogglestead

  1. My parenting style is somewhat similar.

    About every other day, we play a game called Smurf Boat Adventure. My girls devised it from one particular episode of The Smurfs, a show that their peers will probably never watch.

  2. Not so: As they come on after A Pup Named Scooby Doo, the DVR captures the intro to The Smurfs, so my boys know of them and have seen an episode.

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