Book Report: Heathcliff At Home by Geo Gately (1985)

Book coverSince it’s football season, the collections of newspaper cartoons comes out for me to browse while watching football so I think like I’m doing something worthwhile with my Sunday afternoon and evenings (the split attention between the cartoons and the football explains why I don’t have a lot of brain cycles to dwell on how nothing is actually worthwhile). In 2009, I read Heathcliff Strikes Again. This year, it’s Heathcliff at Home.

Whereas the two previous collections that I read were single panel episodes for the most part (that is, the daily cartoon), this collection is all multi-panel Sunday installments. The book is in black-and-white, though. It collects cartoons from across the years, though, from as far back as the late 1970s. Still, given that it’s a collection of longer strips in the same amount of space, there’s less thematic repitition in the book than you got with the single panel cartoons. Heathcliff goes after Spike a lot in this book, and Sonja does not make an appearance.

The cartoons are amusing enough, comforting somewhat to someone who grew up with them. But if you’re a big fan of Web comics, it probably ain’t your bag, baby.

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