Another Retread

Given how many years of Web logging I have going on here, it’s only fair that I mine it for material now and then. That’s spread to, where I’ve reposted an essay called “Morale Spy” that first appeared on MfBJN five years ago.

I only mention this because it’s a good piece, and I know that even my “long time readers” only go back two years or so.

4 thoughts on “Another Retread

  1. Also: look for a clutter of personal items in offices, cubicles and–most importantly–common areas. This may be an indicator of a high trust environment and an expectation of not being fired or laid off on the spot.

    For example, if I interviewed with you and I saw your halberd lying across your desk, I’d think, “Hey, this guy trusts that his co-workers aren’t going to steal his halberd. This is a safe place.”

  2. Hey, I remembered that article; you wrote it a few months before I interviewed for my current job. The hiring manager (now my boss) and I actually stopped in the break room for a cup of coffee on the way back to his office. So I actually was thinking of this article during my interview.

  3. Now that you mention it, I remember you told me that back in the day, too.

    I think you’re in definite contention for the Long Time Reader title.

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