Jumping on the Bandwagon

As many of you have seen on Facebook, the current trend is to put words onto an image and think it’s clever. I guess it’s all over the Internet and might even stem from Fark’s caption contests. Undoubtedly, many future anthropologists will study the origin, although anthropologists spare themselves the question of “For the love of God, why?”

Regardless, I have jumped onto the bandwagon and have created my own, depicted below.

I can see four Miles

Strangely enough, when I thought up the pun, the four aforementioned Miles popped into my head, although I wasn’t sure I knew who two of them (to be honest, I think I confused for a moment a Moses with a Miles, but I’d heard of the Miles too). During my research, I didn’t uncover a whole lot of more famous Miles to include that would be more recognizable to the common masses, so I stuck with these guys.

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