Post-Dispatch Asks: Should Slavery Be Legal?

That’s not how they phrase it, of course. They say Should government order companies to make certain drugs?

That is, does the government have the moral right to compel labor?

Because making certain drugs is making things more abstractly. Rregardless of whether it’s a particularly politically expedient opponent (Pharmaceutical Companies, according to the AP Stylebook, are always bad), compelling someone, somewhere to work because the government wills it, not because the compelled corporation gets something out of it, is morally wrong.

They call that slavery sometimes. When it’s not for the children or the sick, I suppose. But if they need shelter, should the goverment compel builders to provide them shelter?

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2 thoughts on “Post-Dispatch Asks: Should Slavery Be Legal?

  1. This column and many of its commenters are good reminders that a lot of ordinary people would become tyrants (but only for the public good, of course) if given a chance.

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