Eh, They’re Republicans, So They’re All The Same Anyway

A History Channel Club bookmark has an interesting bit of inconsistency. Can you spot it?

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Let’s pull them out:

The presidents Adams
The presidents Harrison
The presidents Johnson
The presidents Roosevelt
The presidents Bush

Being this is the Internet, I could spot the imagined slight and somehow think this reflects some myopia in the liberal in charge of putting this together, but, really, it’s probably that the person or group behind this figured that the Bushes were recent enough history that they didn’t have to differentiate between them. If they thought of it at all.

Of course, the audience of the History Channel, particularly the History Channel club, is expected to be older than 19 years old (that is, old enough to have been born before Clinton became president) or however much older than that one needs to be to remember who was president. For me, that would have been six or seven or nine.