Book Report: Get to Work! by Steven Pressfield (2011)

Book coverThis book is a short little self-help program designed to cheerlead you through getting some sort of creative endeavor completed (the author tries to extend it to anything, but basically, it’s about writing a book or something). My wife borrowed it from the library and told me to read it. So I did.

The main schtick is that Resistance is the enemy (well, the main one) when you’re out to accomplish something, and during any project you’re likely to encounter resistance in a number of forms. The book rah-rahs you through those moments and then tells you not to overthink something, since overthinking it might just keep you from doing it. The book explains that you should just rush in, fool, and get it done and then correct it later.

This doesn’t account for the fact that revising and rewriting itself can be a great obstacle, and creating the first draft of a masterwork is not the end in itself.

So I wasn’t that impressed with it. But I’m not the target audience.

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