I Would Think The Mi-Go Blood Would Be A Selling Point

Murphy’s Oil is composed of 98% Naturally Derived Ingredients:

Murphy's Oil Soap is 2% Mi-Go blood

If you’re going through the trouble of extracting the “blood” from the fungi of Yuggoth made from a form of matter that does not naturally occur on Earth and infuse it into a solution that imparts a distinct shine on wood, wouldn’t you play that element up in your packaging?

Probably not, if the shine only lasts until the thinly-spread fungi coalesces into a convoluted ellipsoid creature that will put your brain in a bucket and take it to the stars. I mean, you can’t even admit to that possibility without the FDA coming down on you.

Plus, there are a lot of darkly complected cultists out there who would come to your plants to free the Mi-go amid constant sanity check rolls.

So I guess, ultimately, it is best to leave the consumer wondering what eldritch, fetid matter makes up that 2%.

2 thoughts on “I Would Think The Mi-Go Blood Would Be A Selling Point

  1. Good point, since oil and petroleum are not natural products. They are synthesized in a lab in Wyoming by Dick Cheney using the tears of unicorns.

    And you don’t want to know what Dick Cheney does to make unicorns cry. As a reminded, the Unicorn Nation is not a signatory to the Geneva Conventions.

    And an expert can make a seven-minute reading of My Pet Goat last a long, long time.

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