Just In Time For Christmas

This Washington Post chart shows percentages of gun owning households by state, or at least among the 201,881 responses received nationwide. In 2001.

I wonder if anything that would have happened in the last 10 years would have caused those numbers to change.

I also wonder why the Washington Post, which updated this graphic in 2006, used 2001 instead of the 2002 North Carolina survey wherein nationwide gun ownership had jumped from 31.7% to 34.4%.

Noodling around the North Carolina Web site, I see that the North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics dropped firearms questions in 2003 and national survey coverage in 2004.

I wonder why Instapundit posted a link to this chart without comment today.

But I do remind everyone that Christmas is just a couple months away, and guns make excellent gifts. And if the Man tries to tell you that’s straw purchasing, tell them the recipient is a Mexican drug cartel enforcer. That’s not illegal, it’s just thoughtful.