The Proper Response To Pediatrician Interrogation

Dustbury and Jennifer muse on the Gun question that appears on pediatrician forms. You know the one: Are there guns in the home?

Remember, if you refuse to answer that, you actually answer “Yes, and furthermore, I’m a politically sensitive gun owner, which means TERRORIST!”

However, there are some better answers:

  • No, they’re not in the home; we all have CCLs, and Junior has his .22 in his diaper.
  • No, they’re all buried in the backyard with the canned goods.
  • Of course not. When we need a gun, we steal one, and then we leave it at the scene.
  • Not today; Lil Rico needed it for something.
  • No, it’s locked in Robb’s car at the YMCA.

See, in all of those scenarios, Junior is safer.

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