Style Note

Henceforth, we at MfBJN will refrain from using the overwrought term “nanny state” regarding the government that tells its “citizens” that they need to eat their peas and “We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money.

Many nannies provide excellent childcare for their charges and enjoy working with children. I do not think the current administration is very good at taking care of what it thinks are its children, and I don’t think they like citizens very much.

Henceforth, or at least until I forget this vow sometime tomorrow, MfBJN will use more appropriate epithets:

  • Resentful stepmother government who wanted power, but not the responsibility, and who dictates rules and regulations for her convenience, not to protect and educate those whom she must serve, or
  • Surly foreign au pair state, who wanted the benefits afforded her position but not the responsibility. Not only does her actual work interfere with the late-night parties she wants, but the damn brats are from an entirely different inferior culture anyway.

As a warning, you have a couple of hours to use them amongst yourselves before Disney applies to trademark them.

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