Good Book Hunting: May 7, 2011

No book sales this week, but I must have known I was going to be challenged, because I bought some books anyway. We hit two church garage sales, looking more for wooden things I could pyrographitate on, but I found some old books marked a quarter each, so how could I pass them up?

Some hardbacks I got from a Baptist church

Titles include:

  • Tim Allen Laid Bare, an unauthorized biography by the author of Rush!, which I think I also have.
  • Glabb’s English Synonymes, which might be a cookbook of some sort.
  • Inside the British Isles, which had better be about mining or it’s misnamed.
  • Jamestown and Her Neighbors, a local history of Jamestown.
  • The Normal Child and Primary Education, a serious education book written at a time when they might have educated. Of course, it might be a spawn of Dewey, so maybe not.
  • 28 Table Lamp Projects, a book about…. well, I guess it’s obvious.
  • A Book of English Literature, a textbookish collection of English literature. Which is a good thing, since I don’t have any of that sort of thing already.

Most of the books are from the early part of the last century. They’re in fair shape, but come on, they were $1.75 all told.

I also got a collection of flight simulator software that probably won’t work on any of my operational PCs. Right after I donated to Goodwill the joystick I bought some years ago for flight simulators before realizing there weren’t any flight simulators any more. That’s all right, this will have a place on my shelf beside the other games I’ve bought but never opened.

My beautiful wife bought a couple cookbooks and some cheap music.

Seven books. Wow, that’s almost seven times what I’ve read this week. And it was a slow week for book buying.. Maybe I should step away from this chupaclocka and read.

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