I’m The Kind Of Guy Who Invites Flash Gordon Allusions

How many Flash Gordon allusions do you get or make in a single day?

Today, I’ve had two.

First, while discussing teaching toddlers to laugh diabolically, a friend on Facebook said that Ming the Merciless had the most diabolical laugh. I had to agree.

Secondly, I am prone to singing to my second son, who has a monosyllabic name, “<monosyllabic name>, ah-ahhhhh!” Tonight, my wife asked me what that was from.

From the Queen theme song to the thirty-one-year-old film, old man:

Maybe it’s because my father and I caught one of the old serials starring Buster Crabbe on a Milwaukee television station in the late 1970s.

Maybe it’s because I own a DVD of episodes from the 1950s television series starring Steve Holland.

Maybe it’s because I watched that 1980 film over and over while my mother, brother, and I lived with friends who had HBO ca 1983 and Flash Gordon played a bunch amid the Fraggle Rock.

Or maybe I’m just the sort of fellow who is open to the universe and its possible Flash Gordon allusions.

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