I Go To The Sports Columnists For Provocative Political/Cultural Insight

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist compares Albert Pujols to Derek Jeter. A keen insight, but is that what I remember? No, it’s the gratuitous shot at Fox News:

To all of you who have written to offer your kind (and not so kind) opinions on my opinion, let me clear a few things up. While I appreciate the fact that some of you don’t agree with my viewpoint, you are missing a critical point. I am not paid to make sure that every opinion I write aligns perfectly with yours. Neither am I paid to be fair and balanced. You want that, turn on Fox News (pause for the laugh track).

I’d write him a letter, but 1, I’m lazy, and 2, he would groove on it. It would ratify his worldview and his perception that he’s a speaker of truth-to-power.

Instead, I’ll go back to ignoring him as usual.

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