The Meaning of Education

My 24th State colleague Van has a long post up at his personal blog on the meaning of Education and why modern approaches don’t Educate and are not designed to do so.

He refers to this Cato chart that shows that costs of education have gone up drastically, but the results have not improved:

Does this remind you of the Price is Right Mountain Climber game?
Click for full size

I’ve discussed this very chart with a former classmate at the University, now a doctor of rhetoric and professor at a snowy university himself, and he thinks the expense justifies the outcome as long as the new, expensive education elevates minority students. Think of it as spreading the education around.

Were that true, it would be spending a bunch of money to elevate favored students at the expense of nonfavored students since it would statistically require an offset of lower scores for nonminority students to keep that line flat. But to a raging liberal statist, that’s okay. Education, apparently, is a zero-sum game like wealth.

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