It’s A Ruling, All Right

You’re the ruled. The bureaucrats are the rulers:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will effectively ban the sale of beverages that combine caffeine and alcohol, including Four Loko and Joose, by ruling that caffeine is an unsafe food additive, according to Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Bask in the reflected glory, subject, of the beauty of the fiat, of the diktat of the unelected officials who exercise so much anonymous power over your life. Caffeine? An unsafe food additive because they say it is. A rule that applies only in the case of alcohol, now. Because caffeine is only unsafe when added to something in a fashion that the bureaucracy has deemed unsafety.

Secondly, note the huzzahs from an elected official, an elected legislator, who could have introduced this properly as an act and had Congress pass this as a law. Instead, he’s thrilled that the control and the possible will of the people has been subverted through governmental processes designed to get around the basic processes of a Republic.

I’d weep, but my tears are an unsafe blog additive as ruled by the FCC.

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1 thought on “It’s A Ruling, All Right

  1. You might like this one I did last year, futzing over how conservatives & libertarians were looking all over for history to repeat itself with a Reichstag fire, while history has been quite content simply rhyming with some Historical Do-Wop

    “In declaring ‘greenhouse gases’ to be a health hazard, this particular alphabet regulatory agency, having long ago been handed by congress the ability to regulate with force of law, no longer needs congress, a majority or otherwise, in order to put whatever laws they’d like in place at the direction of the President, via one of his Czar’s. The obama administration, through the EPA, is, and not so subtly, blackmailing congress to accept the ‘cap & tax’ beating in order to avoid a regulatory knifing.
    Historical Do-Wop
    For a nice example of historical harmonics and rhyme, I offer a passage from Anthony Everitt’s “Augustus” (pg 209-211), about Caesar Augustus, who ‘saved the republic’ after the civil wars…

    Bureaucratophobia – it’s not nutz to fear them… if you have real reasons to fear them.


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