Their Motives Are Suspect

Martin concedes but is still worried about voter integrity:

Still, Martin offered criticism for Russ’ sister, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, whose office maintains a voter database that went offline during part of Election Day.

Martin also questioned why the St. Louis Board of Election — of which he was once chairman — hired a private security firm that had once done work for Russ Carnahan’s campaign. (The firm, Special Services, is hired frequently to provide protection at political events.)

Though the election is over, Martin said he will continue to “in the coming weeks and days…to highlight the importantce of protecting our voting system.”

Martin did not impugn nor question the integrity of voters. He questioned the integrity of voter rolls.

Words mean things. It’s sad to see professional journalists–or bloggers who blog for newspaper Web sites–show the same precision with words as you normally get out of Nigerians writing e-mails in an Internet cafe in Lagos.