A Startling Breakthrough

In an innovative line of thought, unheard of in modern times and perhaps left behind by the mysterious alien intelligences that built the pyramids and the nature-loving primitive people who built Stonehenge, a concerned group of government tag-alongs has come up with a plan to add jobs: spend government money.

A group of people concerned about the lack of economic development and jobs on the north and west sides of Milwaukee have put together a plan they are convinced would make a difference.

Now, they just need the city, county, state and banks to go along with them – to the tune of $400 million.

So what’s the plan? According to Edward McDonald, the University of Wisconsin Extension agent who drafted it, the proposal involves designating a wide area of the central city – from W. Burleigh St. to W. Highland Ave. and from the Milwaukee River to N. 60th St. – for improvement.

It would set up a community council to oversee the project, and have the council develop catalyst projects, already designated by city planners, that would spur adjacent development.

Money would somehow be cobbled together from existing government funds and bank loans, encouraged by government deposits. It would be spent over four years.

The plan? Spend $100,000,000 a year funding council to develop buzzword buzzword buzzword. Exclamation point!

God-luv-em, they are so earnest.

Call it the no government tag-along left behind act. But don’t call it “stimulus” because that buzzword no longer focus groups well.