Good Book Hunting: October 24, 2010 (Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library Sale)

I waited until late on bag day to go to the Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library Book Sale, so I only got 31 books. Two bags, two bucks, but I threw in a little extra because I’m a greedy, heartless Republican who compulsively buys books.

The haul:

Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Book Sale, October 2010
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Among the highlights:

  • James Lileks’ Fresh Lies, a 1994 collection of his columns. Lileks before the Internet? No way.
  • A bunch of Clifford Simak science fiction novels.
  • A bunch of Walter Mosley, although maybe only one of them is an Easy Rawlins novel.
  • Bookstore, which is apparently the story of a small bookstore. No doubt a small bookstore in NYC.
  • A Mike Shayne novel, This Is It, Michael Shayne, that looks to be part of the Mike Shayne book club. Like I need more book club editions to collect.

Et cetera.

I volunteered at this fair on Friday night and saw some interesting things come through. Someone bought a couple Classics Club editions, but they did not pay at my table, so I could not see what they bought. I’m so deep into those now that the titles have to be far into the series for me to lack them. A woman also got a copy of Philip K. Dick’s Through a Scanner Darkly, and I commented on how hard it is to find Philip K. Dick books at book fairs.

I notice as I post this that this represents the 68th photo of book fair purchases I’ve put up. You can see the others by searching for "Good Book Hunting".

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