I Told You So

Back in August, I said:

Over at The Missouri Record, David Linton argues in favor of repealing the 17th Amendment which allows the direct election of Senators.

I agree, but I think this is going to be a hard sell to the American public which has come to believe that the key to an open government is more and more transparency and direct accountability of officials, where more and more citizen votes means better and better government. Of course, this more accountable system allows incumbents to go to Washington, vote for government expansion for five years, and return home just before the election to claim they’re independent and fiscally conservative. Thusly, the ruling class can fool the inattentive, and the whole More Accountability benefit falls by the wayside.

Democrat Scott Eckersley is not only the attempted nemesis of Ed Martin in the 3rd District, but he’s running for Congress in the 7th District. In the course of a debate with Billy Long yesterday, Eckersley opposed states’ rights and hit the same tropes I mentioned in August:

Then Eckersley pointed out that Long actually has advocated repealing the 17th Amendment, the amendment that allows people to vote directly for U.S. Senators. “If we were to go ahead and do what you had advocated none of us would have a vote for United States Senate in this room.”

The Democrats will oversimplify and play upon the ignorance foisted upon the populace by the Dem-symp educational system to try to convince voters that the Republicans want to take away their rights to vote.

That’s not to say that the 17th Amendment repeal effort is not worth consideration; however, it will take a lot of educational groundwork on our parts to explain the original intentions of the Founding Fathers and why that is a better idea.

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