Proper Decorum

If decorum is Latin for “something to hang on your wall”:

In case of prison riot, break glass
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I made this out of a standing photo album frame, a piece of black felt, some fishing line, and a garbage-disposal-mangled spoon.

I’d had the concept for quite sometime; I’d intended to make it as a Christmas present for my employee back when I was leader of a QA department. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a workshop at the time, and it got kinda shelved. Eventually I acquired the frame which is perfect for it (and a workshop).

I got the spoon from my mother, so it’s one of the ones I ate cereal with for most of my youth. Wow, nostalgia is washing over me. I’ve got a personal relic post coming on sometime soon, but this isn’t it.

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3 thoughts on “Proper Decorum

  1. My familiarity with QA is from when I drove a forklift worked in logistics management. It referred to making sure that stuff arrived when and where it was supposed to go, and that the inventory manifest was accurate. What does QA mean in reference to your work?

  2. Software quality assurance is software testing (making sure that the program behaves properly and can handle problematic usage by the user) as well as setting conditions in the software development environment so that programs are designed and coded to avoid errors.

    You’ve seen my other blog, right?

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