Good Morning, John

Slow day at work today, eh?

UPDATE: Is there anything sadder than a blog whose daily traffic is so low that the proprietor knows his visitors by their IP addresses? Yes, probably, but since they’re not happening to me, I am not sad about them.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning, John

  1. Actually, I did this once before with a cyberstalker.

    There are other, even nastier things one can do with a cyberstalker, such as those marvy auto-redirect programs.

    It’s a pity that you don’t get higher traffic. You’re a witty writer. All that’s necessary is for you to get publicity so that you can get published. The case of Jersey Shore is skilled at getting public attention. So:

    1. Observe them (downside: requires watching Jersey Shore)
    2. Go and do likewise

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