Good Morning, John

Slow day at work today, eh?

UPDATE: Is there anything sadder than a blog whose daily traffic is so low that the proprietor knows his visitors by their IP addresses? Yes, probably, but since they’re not happening to me, I am not sad about them.

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6 thoughts on “Good Morning, John

  1. Come on, creepy is pathetic combined with an element of vague threat.

    I think it’s just pathetic.

  2. Actually, I did this once before with a cyberstalker.

    There are other, even nastier things one can do with a cyberstalker, such as those marvy auto-redirect programs.

    It’s a pity that you don’t get higher traffic. You’re a witty writer. All that’s necessary is for you to get publicity so that you can get published. The case of Jersey Shore is skilled at getting public attention. So:

    1. Observe them (downside: requires watching Jersey Shore)
    2. Go and do likewise

  3. I’m not sure I’m cyberstalking. You’re coming here. Are you trying to divert attention from that?

  4. I’ve also been amiss in not thanking you for your kind words.

    Thanks. I think you’re my 4th biggest fan.

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