Frederick Sought For Questioning

Police pull alligator from creek in DeSoto:

De Soto police fished a 2-foot alligator out of a creek there Sunday evening, an alligator that’s now making its home at the World Bird Sanctuary.

Someone spotted the animal in Joachim Creek about 6 p.m. Sunday and called police, said Chief Ernie Paul. Two officers snared it with a catchpole, and kept it overnight in a makeshift pool in an unused city building.

I bet that building was safe for the night.

The title is a joke alluding to a children’s book, Frederick’s Alligator.

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2 thoughts on “Frederick Sought For Questioning

  1. Mmmm.

    That reminds me of when I proposed to my wife while standing on the bank of a gator pond.

    Except that there are no two-foot alligators in Florida.

  2. We spent part of our honeymoon in Florida, and when we returned a rental car, we passed near some of the ponds in the vicinity. The imagined headlines did cross my mind.

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