You Can Tell It By The Headline

Crowne Plaza wants to spruce up downtown garage

Because the word wants is in it instead of just the past tense Crowne Plaza spruces up downtown garage, you know Crowne Plaza wants something else.

STL 200 N. 4th LLC, the legal entity that owns the hotel, wants to establish a Transportation Development District to raise money for the garage project. The money would come from a 1-cent tax on retail sales on hotel property.

And you know who will get to vote on whether or not to spend tourists’ tax money on the Crowne Plaza? Why, the owners of the property in the district: The Crowne Plaza hotel, or the oddly named LLC that runs it.

So the hotel wants it, the hotel will get to vote on it, and the hotel will get it. In Missouri, private enterprises now have the right to levy and collect taxes.