Book Report: Arizona Ambush by Don Pendleton (1977)

This book represents the second Mack Bolan book I’ve read in the last year; the first, Missouri Deathwatch was a later entry in the series. This book is far earlier in the series and represents a better piece of work. The writing is tighter and snappier, and it doesn’t rely so heavily on the repetition of conventions.

In this book, Bolan goes to Arizona to tackle some drug trafficking, and he uncovers a military-type unit comprised of several fellows with a score to settle with Bolan from some unpleasantness in ‘Nam. This unit is part of an internecine war among the mafia whose stakes include an owned U.S. Senator. Bolan shows up and muddies the water, pretty much playing both ends against the middle and eliminating this particular bunch of bad men. As he does.

A better entry in the series, as I said. Although let’s talk about Bolan’s Warwagon. It took the book a long time to mention it’s actually an RV, which was a shame because I spent a lot of time trying to imagine a GMC that can support a full rocket battery, communications center, arsenal, and can unobtrusively tail a bunch of scared mobsters. Come to think of it, I still can’t, but I’ve never seen the Arizona highways. Maybe the desert is hilly enough that they would not see the RV that followed them from Tucson to their desert lair turn just a mile down the road and parallel their course. Maybe. But that’s the only real “Huh?” bit in the book.

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