My Metric

Is it just me, or do most of the contestants on Jeopardy! these days fall into the following professions:

  • Teacher/Professor
  • Graduate student
  • Attorney
  • Public advocate of some sort
  • Non-profit employee of some sort

I really started noticing this trend when I started saying, “Get a real job!” to the television whenever contestants are announced in these professions.

Is it just me? If not, what does this mean and why do I think I won’t like it?

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2 thoughts on “My Metric

  1. I would personally like to see more shoe cobblers, gun molls and soda jerks on Jeopardy! Methinks there are significant, inherent, fundamental flaws and biases in their admissions and screening process.

  2. What makes me sad is that according to the Jeopardy! selection, smart people are all in these fields instead of being scattered more widely. I would be happy to find smart cobblers, carpenters, even a plumber and an architect with PhDs more widely represented. I’d rather no see more baristas–the modern soda jerks–thanks.

    Do you think shoe cobblers, et al., are intellectually inferior to non-profit organization associates?

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