Things You Won’t Find Here, Either

Marko saith:

Just to be sure, I want to point out that there are absolutely no nude Playboy pictures of Ashley Dupre in this spot.

I just want to point out there are no Ashley Dupre Playboy images here.

Also, there are no:

  • Snooki naked pictures (I keep trying precision concuss my head with a tack hammer to dislodge the knowledge of what a Snooki is, but apparently I keep missing.)
  • John Edwards sex tapes
  • Jennifer Lopez nude
  • Brian J. Noggle nekkid
  • Kevin McGehee compromising pictures (not as long as he keeps paying the monthly “storage” fee.)

You will, however, find a photo of my wife’s legs which once made it up to number one on Google image search for wife legs.

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