I Got Nothing, So I Wreak Some Lost Havoc

You know what I think is funny? Making up Lost spoileresque questions and adding them to comment threads on Facebook and whatnot.

Questions and comments like:

  • The return of Walt and Michael was way overdue!
  • Who built the statue of Vincent the dog on the Island, and why does it have octagons in the base motif?
  • When Walt becomes the new Jacob, will Aaron be the new black smoke?

Come on, with the absurd turns of events throughout the run of the show, surely you can devise some spoilers that will anger your friends for tipping them off to things that never happen. Leave your best in the comments below. No actual spoilers, please, since that’s no fun at all.

4 thoughts on “I Got Nothing, So I Wreak Some Lost Havoc

  1. You really couldn’t do it before all the episodes were in the can, because there would have been the slight but nonzero chance the writers would have come across it and have written it into the story.

  2. In related news, I was a couple weeks behind on the program, and at least one part of one of my fake spoilers actually happened.

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