AP Frames Story: Business vs. People

It’s hard not to draw the conclusion that business and people are on opposite sides since this AP story bakes it in:

To understand why jobs are so scarce, consider John McFarland and Nicole Rosen. The two share something in common: They’re reluctant to spend freely.

McFarland is CEO of Baldor Electric Co. in Fort Smith, Ark.; Rosen is a consumer in Washington state. Each is earning and saving money. Yet McFarland won’t hire until consumers spend more. And Rosen won’t spend more until jobs seem secure.

Therein lies the standoff that helps explain the weakness of the recovery and the depth of the jobs crisis. Each side — employers on one, consumers on the other — is waiting for the other to spend more. Until then, the recovery will likely feel shaky. And job openings will be few.

Well, then, there you have it.

What side is missing from this love triangle? Oh, yeah, and increasingly fickle government whose new Department of Weights and Measures exists to put thumbs on scales to determine the winners and losers.

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