Hoist It On Someone Else’s Petard

The city of Republic, Missouri, has acted on the hoisting menace:

Hunters in town won’t have to worry about doing something different with their kill next fall during deer season, as the Republic City Council amended and approved an ordinance for hoisting deer within the city limits during its regular meeting on Feb. 22.

If I can’t hang the carcass in the front yard, how would it serve as a warning to the other antlered rats to avoid my orchard?

The next thing you know, I won’t be allowed to put the heads of solicitors on poles at the end of my driveway.

On the other hand, good for Republic for trying to remain true to its small town origins. A lot of these towns falling into suburban orbits, where large tracts are broken into subdivisions, face a tension and an evolution between the new residents whose sensibilities are offended easily and the old residents who are used to having property rights. In these situations, the new residents often outnumber the old and push through new laws and whatnot. I understand both sides of the conundrum, but my personal preference would be to grandfather existing residents out of having to strictly abide by nuisance and sensibility laws and to have new residents practice a little tolerance.

1 thought on “Hoist It On Someone Else’s Petard

  1. That would be my preference as well. My wife’s hometown of Schertz, Texas, is facing similar tensions as San Antonio expands into it, bringing with it people with different lifestyles. One of my father-in-law’s friends has the outside of his house decorated with dozens of deer skulls from years of hunting. In another environment, this would be considered creepy.

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