When You’re In Jail, Stop Running

Suspect reportedly shot by Springfield police during chase in jail

Snickering about the miswritten headline aside, which implies that the chase took place in the jail, we get this nugget about the shooting:

After the vehicle became stuck in the mud following a high-speed pursuit, Hilt allegedly tried to run over several police officers and was shot in the neck.

The suspect tried to run down the officers with a truck that was stuck in the mud? I see.

Reminds me of an incident in the St. Louis area a couple years back where a deputy pulled over a car full of kids in a manual transmission vehicle. When the deputy got out, the vehicle rolled a little purportedly because the driver didn’t put the parking brake on, and the deputy fired a barrage into the vehicle, killing some and wounding some more.

Jeez, guys, be careful.

UPDATE: I am not convicting the cops here in the court of my public opinion, since I am only working off of the newspaper’s reporting of the event.

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