Don’t Turn Around

What kind of name for a car is that?

Der Kompressor

Seriously, the Kompressor? Was someone’s German/American dictionary off by a little bit when this was brainstormed (in the German, brundsturmcht, I believe)? Or were they trying to come up with a noun that indicated this particular Mercedes would crush the competition?

Regardless, you know what song I’d use in the commercials, don’t you?

Altered slightly, as you can guess.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Around

  1. The Benz boys have been slapping the “Kompressor” tag on occasional vehicles with blowers – never seen one on a turbodiesel, though – for many years. There’s one I see every week at the Gazette office.

  2. Umm, yeah, “kompressor” is Krautish for “turbocharger”. Das exhaust-driven turbine kompresses der intake air, undt das engine macht die extrapower. Est mor gut den die normally-aspirated engine, jah?

  3. As CGHill remarked, and rightly so, “Kompressor” is the German word for “blower”. See the pre-WWII Mercedes Benz models SSK and others of the W06 series. K or Kompressor means that the engine is turbo-charged. Go and see Tam`s blog to thank her for the traffic. Regards, Martin

  4. According to my owner’s manual, it’s technically a supercharger, not a turbo. Sure sounds purty though.

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