Book Report: Beaded Jewelry with Found Objects by Carole Rodgers (2004)

This was my second book on beading, and where the first focused on sparse arrangements of beads, this book focused on more elaborate pieces.

The book talks about using found objects for beading, including but not limited to beach glass, stones, Christmas tree light bulbs, springs, Scrabble pieces, and a host of other things. For the most part, the projects involve drilling holes in the found objects to string them, almost completely wrapping them in strands of beads, or gluing them to leather and then creating a woven bezel around them.

Considering how much trouble I’m having with getting a simple weave stitch down, it will be a while before I’m ready for these projects. But the beginning of the book spends a lot of time on bead-weaving, as one would expect given the nature of the projects, so its basic educational material is very strong and it does provide one with an idea of the different things you can make into jewelry.

An excellent book. Lots of diagrams and pretty pictures.

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