How Will That Play To The Tea Party Crowd?

You know the tea party people, the ones who take off of work to travel to Washington, D.C., to protest? The ones who skip lunches to march in front of their Congressional representatives offices? The ones who show up on Saturday because they don’t like health control reform?

How do you think they’ll like it that the Senate Republican leadership gave in a little early so everyone could go home early for Christmas?

The Senate will still be in session Christmas Eve day, but Democrats and Republicans have agreed to give health care reform a final vote starting at 8 a.m. — 11 hours earlier than originally scheduled. Majority Leader Harry’s Reid’s announcement means that the Senate will be able to finish its business in time for many senators and staffers to get home for the Christmas holiday.

Do you think that will endear the GOP leaders who like their jobs and their perks and their chances to go home early with people who want to fight this thing tooth and nail, all the way?

I think not.

More at Ace of Spades HQ.

The GOP leadership better start thinking about how to show the tea party people that they, too, are serious about principles.

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1 thought on “How Will That Play To The Tea Party Crowd?

  1. Hey, the GOP is too serious! They're serious about taking my money and yours to "stop" the Democrats' socialist agenda. And also after they do nothing to stop it again and again.

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