The Meaning of Aid

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist discovers that government aid helps the irresponsible:

    Let’s consider two families with kids. The first mom and pop buy fancy cars, head off to Vegas, buy the biggest house they can afford. They take a lackadaisical attitude toward work and generally blow money.

    The next mom and pop work hard and advance in their careers. They drive clunkers, vacation in Porchville, live modestly and sock away savings.

    Guess which family is going to get the most financial aid when their kid heads off to college?

    Hedonism has rewards beyond a good suntan, and they come in the form of college financial aid. The federal financial aid formula punishes thrift and hard work.

The aid system for whatever need-based program offers the government money not only helps people who need it through bad circumstance, but also those who either game the system or who are irresponsible.

Then the column goes on to show parents how to game the system.


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