New Term: Googlebopping

It’s similar to a Googlebomb or a Googlewhack, but it’s this: when someone tries to find a set of search terms to use to conduct a Google search that will link to a certain blog so that you can see if your search terms appear in that blog’s round-up of weird search engine queries.

For example:

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Search for betty naked with Mr Weatherbee.
  3. Click through on the Dustbury link.
  4. Watch for your search terms to appear in one of his Strange Search Engine Queries posts.

Other blogs to try this with include Munchkin Wrangler and View from the Porch.

I know, you think I have too much time on my hands. The problem is that I don’t have enough time on my hands to do anything productive. Instead, I have just enough time to come up with harebrained schemes like this.

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