And Then Armed Amazon Agents Shot Will Collier’s Dog and Seized the Book

Instapundit comments on the Amazon Kindle revoking license to books:

The underlying issue here is that Amazon, among many others, see the rules for digital as different than those for other things. It would never have crossed Amazon’s collective mind to grab a physical book from you if the company had shipped you one that it did not have the right to sell.

I imagined the scenario if they had when Will Collier got his Harry Potter book early:

With no disrespect meant to J. K. Rowling’s innumerable devotees, I’m not a particularly big Harry Potter fan. But I’d read two or three of the early books, and being as susceptible as the next guy to the hype for the last book in the series, I placed an order a few weeks ago at, the store that was offering the lowest price. Ironically, I didn’t even spring for expedited shipping.

The first thing I thought upon seeing the book was, “Boy, somebody screwed up.” Hallows is famously scheduled for release at midnight on July 21, more than four days after my copy arrived.

That would have ended very differently if booksellers did go to take back ill-gotten books with the ABA Black Ops team.