Words That Do Not Belong In Country Songs Twofer

Badonkadonk, Donkey Kong, as in Trace Adkins "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk":

    That honkey tonk badonkadonk
    Keepin’ perfect rhythm
    Make ya wanna swing along
    Got it goin’ on
    Like Donkey Kong

Word to the wise: do not refer to an attractive woman as a large gorilla who kidnaps girls and throws barrels, or any other video game character for that matter. Let’s just say that calling a certain beautiful wife “Lara” sort of spoiled the moment, okay?

You can see the video for the Trace Adkins song, along with attendant badonkadonk, here.

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3 thoughts on “Words That Do Not Belong In Country Songs Twofer

  1. Nice eye candy. But sad. The objectification of women is now being used by every music genre to make money. Turn your speakers off, and you’d swear this was a rap video. Man… I used to like listening to country music… REAL country music… What can you say, though… sex sells? Objectify a woman’s @ss and make some bucks… never mind what slowly happens in the minds of men to slowly effect cultural change. I guess natural instincts will always rule, even when equal rights, women’s lib and such strive for more valuable morals. Humans really are not much more than instinctual animals.

  2. The only way to listen to Trace Adkins is with the volume turned down and a glass of wine to hand. He is a fine-looking specimen of masculinity, even if he does sing country.

  3. Thanks, VK, for the balance in objectifying the men in country music videos.

    I guess some women just dig the ponytail.

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