St. Charles County Finds Flimsy Excuse

Trash decision will hinge on complaints — from whom?:

It’s interesting how a handful of complaints can change something that’s working fine for everybody else.

The St. Charles County Council, for instance, is considering a plan that might change trash collection for all unincorporated areas in the county because of three negative comments.

The proposal would split the areas into trash collection districts, each served by only one waste hauler.

Currently, 11 companies have permits to operate anywhere in the county, and residents can choose which one picks up their trash.

Council Chairman Dan Foust wants to tinker with that arrangement because he got phone calls from three residents in the St. Charles Hills neighborhood, which has 1,600 homes.

The negative comments were about the nuisance produced by the current competitive arrangement.

Right now, trucks from multiple companies are going up and down the streets almost daily. It would be quieter if just one company’s trucks were going by twice a week.[Emphasis added]

You know what else would make streets quieter? How about limiting deliveries to one parcel post carrier, such as DHL? That way, you don’t get Federal Express (note: I just wanted to be the last man in America to use its full name) or United Parcel Service trucks rumbling down the streets. Or how about only allowing one furniture store to deliver to the area? This thin gruel of rationalization that seeks to move from a free market solution to one open to corruption (best bid package presented to the trash district commissioners, hint hint, gets all the business) could apply to just about anything.

But this has precedent, don’t you know, now that St. Louis County has imposed this solutions on a reluctant populace.

And the others? Well, St. Charles County isn’t going to break that ground, but if some other regional government succeeds, perhaps a good presentation or two, hint hint, to the county commission could get the commissioners on board.