The City Is Backing Out, Back Out Of The City

After a short run, home furnishings store closes downtown:

In the latest blow to downtown St. Louis, Good Works Inc. will close its home-furnishings store next month due to a lack of new customers.

Many of the shoppers who visited the store at 901 Washington Avenue were the same ones who frequented the Good Works store at 6323 Delmar Boulevard in University City, said Chris Dougher, one of the owners. Co-owners Dougher and Rita Navarro plan to expand the store in the Delmar Loop.

“We just aren’t generating new business,” Dougher said of the store on Washington Avenue. “It’s a huge disappointment, but we can’t foresee it changing in the near future.”

The 8,000-square-foot store, which opened in November, was one of the larger retailers to locate downtown in recent years.

Huh. So empty, tax-incentive-and-not-market-driven lofts don’t buy furniture. Who knew?

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1 thought on “The City Is Backing Out, Back Out Of The City

  1. It couldn’t be that Good Works just had a lousy business plan, could it? Most loft dweller’s drive out as far as New Ballwin Rd to buy the right type of modern furniture, including the Good Works at 6300 Delmar-just a few minutes away.

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